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Occupational therapy is a holistic, client centered health care profession that aims at promoting health and well being through the engagement in meaningful occupations. The term occupation is used to “capture the breath and meaning of every day activity.” – AOTA An individual’s health is supported when they have the skills and confidence to engage in meaningful activities at home, school, workplace or community life.

Guided by the belief that every individual has a unique contribution to make, I support, encourage and empower individuals to discover and work towards their potential. My approach is holistic, incorporating  sensory integration, yoga and meditation, art, music and movement into session.

I provide OT services for children from infancy through adolescence, individual and group services, as well as parenting workshops and support groups. OT services and workshops are offer in a spacious center with an array of equipment located at 1016 Brown Street, Peekskill NY 10566 (Side entrance, under the mural).

To set up an appointment for a consult for individual OT services, please contact 914-325-1053. To see current group sessions being offered, CLICK HERE!  Have questions? Call 914-325-1053 or use the contact page.  Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day.