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People often ask me to explain my profession.  Occupational therapy is a holistic, client centered health care profession that aims at promoting health and well being through the engagement in meaningful occupations. The term occupation is used to “capture the breath and meaning of every day activity.” – AOTA   An individual’s health is supported when they have the skills and confidence to engage in meaningful activities at home, school, workplace or community life.

So what do I do? Guided by the belief that every individual has a unique contribution to make, I support, encourage and empower individuals to realize their potential.  I evaluate and provide pediatric occupational therapy intervention for children with special needs. Beyond that, I collaborate with artists and educators to develop and provide enrichment programs for children, youth and adults; creative programs that give meaning to life.

What will you find here? Information about me, the services I offer, resources for children with special needs, list of current programs and links.  For a daily update of parent resources and inspirational news visit my Facebook page.  “Like” the page and I would love your feedback (I’m always learning).  Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest to find creative ideas for children and much more. Find out more about the services and programs offered.

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