What Is Spiritual Parenting?

“Life is a sacred and spiritual journey; we are sacred and spiritual beings and can choose to embrace the perspective of parenting from a sacred place of our spirituality — the heart. Despite our religious or cultural preferences, spiritual parenting is about parenting with compassion and a giving heart.” – Shristi

IMG_0834Children have a way of holding the mirror up and revealing our most glaring imperfections. My children teach me how to be a better person. I often state that children are given to us to help us develop virtues (love, compassion, patience, humility, flexibility, and much more).

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Hello world, welcome!


Hello and Welcome to my Blog. My name is Ridvan Foxhall.  I am a parent in training. I have two awesome and very silly children who are a constant source of inspiration.

When my son was born, I was a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent.  For me the question wasn’t whether I could raise a child, but rather, how do I raise a socially responsible individual, who is spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy. So began my quest. I soon realized that to raise spiritual healthy individuals, I had to start with me. I spent countless hours reading and applying what I read to my parenting style, messing up, reverting to old habits and starting all over again – a humbling experience.

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