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Elementary Workshops, K-5th Grade

Successful Kids Club
A social and emotional skills group

A fun and supportive environment where children work on their strength and learn to feel confident and in control. In this social emotional skills group participants will use their whole bodies and senses to engage in socio-dramatic play, creative group projects, group discussions, and games to develop social-emotional skills. Children will explore how their senses can be a useful tool to detect and read their own internal feelings/emotions and will gain some strategies to help navigate their environment and express themselves appropriately. The focus of the group will be:  Self awareness, self regulation, communication skills, mutual respect, building friendships, handling strong emotions and respecting differences.

All workshops run 6 – 12 hrs and can be held weekly or over a weekend or holiday break. To schedule a consult or bring this program to your community or school, email info@ridvanfoxahall.com or call (914) 325-1053