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Pre Teen & Teen Workshops

Youth Empowerment and Leadership Workshops

Youth empowerment workshops that challenges youth to see themselves as leaders, helps young people discover and own their strengths, support emotional and spiritual development of participants and empower them to speak up and be leaders in subjects that affect them. Activities will include consultation, games, role playing, storytelling, art and creative writing.

Character education, community building and social responsibility are important aspects of this program. Youth learn about virtues like empathy, love, compassion while developing friendships in a loving and supportive environment.  Topics include but are not limited to: Social Justice, Equality, Race Unity, Self Image, Leadership, Religious Tolerance, and can be tailored to meet the needs and interest of the group.

Worry Wise Teens & Preteens

Today many youth struggle with anxiety and depression, worry about tests and all the challenges that comes with school, peers and the community. The aim of this workshop is to empower youth, build confidence and self worth and help them develop useful tools to build inner resilience, mindfulness and develop emotional wellness and intelligence.

Private Coaching

Private coaching for teens is available by appointment. Sessions will address specific challenges that teen encounter. I am also available to work with a small group of teens at a location of your choice within Westchester and neighboring counties.

All workshops run 6 – 12 hrs and can be held weekly or over a weekend or holiday break. To schedule a consult or bring this program to your community or school, email info@ridvanfoxahall.com or call (914) 325-1053