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Girl Rising Spiritual Empowerment/Leadership Group (Age 11 – 15)

Character Education, Community Building & Leadership Group. In this ongoing series, girls learn about virtues like empathy, love, compassion. They work on building community, developing friendships, service learning and developing critical thinking skills.

Handwriting Without Tears (Age 3 – 6)

Play based multi sensory approach to writing and reading readiness. Music, movement, fine motor and sensory motor play

Social Detectives – Using Our Senses To Identify Emotions and Solve Social Mysteries (Age 6 – 10)

A fun social emotional skills group where children use their whole bodies and senses to engage in socio-dramatic play, creative group projects, group discussions, and games to develop social-emotional skills. Children will explore how their senses can be a useful tool to detect and read their own internal feelings/emotions  as well as social cues and will gain some strategies to help navigate their environment and express themselves appropriately.

Social Emotional Skills Group for Children and Youth (Age 6 – 10)

Fun and supportive environment where children can work on their strengths and feel confident and in control. Empowering group members through games, role play exercises, storytelling, coaching on social skills, creative activities, and provide them with the tools to increase confidence and improve social skills and self awareness in everyday life.

Volcano in my Tummy – Helping Children Handle Anger & Stress (Age 8 – 12)

This program is designed to help children handle their anger so that they can have healthy social interactions and feel good about themselves.  Key concepts will include understanding and managing anger, paying attention to the physiological changes in the body, non violent expression of anger, alternative ways to release frustrations, conflict resolution, and building self esteem.

Worry Wise Teens & Preteens (Age 11 – 16)

Today many youth struggle with anxiety and depression, worry about tests and all the challenges that comes with school, peers and the community. The aim of this group to empower youth, build confidence and self worth and help them develop useful tools to build inner resilience, mindfulness and develop emotional wellness and intelligence.


  • Smart Moves! Foundation Skills For Raising Healthy and Mindful Children
  • Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves
  • Parenting Children With Special Needs – A Monthly Support Group
  • Parent Coaching

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“The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.”
— John Lubbock