10 Benefits of Family Rituals and Traditions

“Families are mini-cultures and they share language, attitudes, and behavior in common.  These tend to be acted out in each generation and passed along.” Carolyn Foster

jumpingfoxhallsEvery year in February my family celebrates the Baha’i Intercalary Days. The children receive gifts and give gifts.  We have a grand celebration with friends and family and find a service project to engage in together. This has been one of our traditions since our children were born, and for me, since my childhood.

Family rituals and traditions are wonderful! From celebrating holidays to bedtime rituals, family traditions and rituals give us a sense of identity. As social beings, we value ceremonies and special rituals.

Family rituals can be pretty much anything that a family does together.  A ritual can be a daily bedtime or mealtime routine, daily prayers together, weekly family meetings, sharing circle, pizza night, game night, family movie night, annual religious celebrations, or hiking on the weekends. You get to decide.

Benefits of family rituals:

  1. They give us a sense of shared identity and belonging.
  2. They organize our world and give us a sense of structure.
  3. They teach cultural and religious heritage.
  4. They impart family values and beliefs.
  5. They help us navigate change.
  6. They help us solve problems together.
  7. They teach us practical skills.
  8. They provide comfort and security.
  9. They help us cope with loss and trauma.
  10. They generate wonderful memories.

What are some of your family rituals? Please share and comment below.

One thought on “10 Benefits of Family Rituals and Traditions

  1. I like that you mention how there can be a variety of ritual options, such as pizza night or hiking on the weekends. I also like that you mention how it’s a great way to socialize with your family in order to get closer and help us solve problems. When choosing family rituals, it would probably be a good idea to get input from everyone, such as your spouse or children, so that you can discuss what activities they enjoy in order to determine what will be most helpful to get everyone closer.

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